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[ADDED] Allow CORS in Client API
The client API is awesome Big Grin but at the moment there is one thing preventing me from using it as I want.

I would like to do something with the API-results in OBS. What I've done is created an OBS Browser Source loading a HTML-file which shows some whatpulse-related stats. Those stats are updated by javascript calling the API endpoint. This is where things start not working: due to CORS, an http-request from a file in the filesystem is now allowed to go to another domain, localhost in this case.

So I'd like to request the addition of the "access-control-allow-origin: *" header which would solve this problem.
Excellent idea! I'll add this into the next version.

Do you have something ready that talks to it? If so, please share - saves me some time to build a tester myself. ;-)
awesome Big Grin
and ofc, this is what I have, have fun with it Tongue
Thanks. Verified to be working:

By the way, client version 2.7.2 will have a /v1/realtime endpoint, where you can get the actual keys per second, instead of calculating it against the browser session.
ooh fancy Big Grin any ETA on 2.7.2?
The beta has been out for a while ("Enable beta versions" in the update checker settings), but I don't do ETAs for official versions. :-)

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