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Title: [CLOSED] Java Games are not counting?
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I just noticed if i play some Java Games (Mac) it won't count to any application... It is mapping the keys but not to an application.

Is there a way to fix that?

Greetings Chris
Possibly mapping to JavaVM or something similiar? Do the games have their own .exe, or just a .jar? What kind of icon do they show in the task bar? The Java one or an own?
If I play Minecraft for example it will add a new Programm named java in the task bar.
Here's the thing; Java is pretty protective and I've not found a way to get the java process to tell the client which actual application it's running - pretty annoying. So for now all java applications are accredited to java itself, but if/when I find a way to get the application name, it'll change.

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