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Client crash on launch (v2.7.1)
Hrm, not getting far with canceling out other apps?

GetModuleFileNameExW is a Windows function that the client uses to get information from Windows about running applications. It is completely safe and the client handles it gracefully when it can't get any info from Windows due to whatever reason.

But, if your Windows install itself is corrupt, it might take the client down..but to be honest I have not seen behaviour with WhatPulse like that. You might want to run a Windows repair and see what that does.
I have tried that :

sfc /scannow and DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

This is what run on my computer when it's start

My problem started early october, that my program list (I installed CCleaner for the other thread who had similar crash at launch)

If you see anything can cause trouble, i'm a bid out of idea
You told me about webhook, i have change my DNS, my IP but still not working Sad
I just tried to launch Windows in safe mode with networking (so there ANY other program running) and it's still crash on the exact same line

- other WP client work on the same network
- it's allowed in and out in the firewall

Same problem.. can't seem to find a solution.
[Image: dos9vk.gif]

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