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Title: [FIXED] [W10] Pulsing every minute on 2.7
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Stumbled upon my recent pulses and discovered that since 28th February until the afternoon of 1st March, WhatPulse was pulsing data every minute (sometimes up to 5 minutes).


[Image: OUkshyj.png]

WhatPulse is set to automatically pulse at 1 hour of uptime.

OS: Windows 10 Pro w/ WinPcap installed.

WhatPulse has admin permission

Programs running: Various.
Whatpulse is stuck at 11 Days of uptime on my pc and pulses every minute to "clear" it but never does. I already reseted my uptime section but it still says 11 days.

Attached Files
.png   Unbesdasdasdnannt.PNG (Size: 89.52 KB / Downloads: 462)
How do I get rid of this?
This has started happening again. Checked my pulses of this week and was greeted by several thousand ">1m" entries. See here: http://whatpulse.org/stats/users/490180/...eek#pulses

Its also rapidly increasing my pulse count (nearing 30k) and makes my team recent pulse list useless since it's just my last 10 minutes of pulses.

[Image: bjwwC8w.png]

Edit: Whatpulse is set to only pulse every hour.

Edit2: Client says it has 3 hours and 27 minutes of unpulsed uptime, even though the site has all the pulse data from within that period.

[Image: 47Y3RTV.png]
Restarting does not solve the issue.

Weekly pulse email:

Pulses: 8,545
Keys: 84,061
Clicks: 54,457
Downloaded: 512.29GB
Uploaded: 42.26GB
Uptime: 6d20h33m42s
Still pulses every minute when it's only set to pulse every 1GB+ downloaded/uploaded etc.
Hi, this should be fixed in 2.7.1 which will be around soon.
Good to know Smile

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