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Title: WhatPulse 2.6b5
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(05-03-2015, 10:05 AM)smitmartijn Wrote: Same question about the mapping (does count here on OSX and Windows).

I haven't re-mapped any of my keys. Ctrl + alt is counted by the client, but alt + [any letter or number] never counts alt.

I've tested this across 3 different systems on three types of keyboards.
For reference, they're all HP computers.
(05-04-2015, 06:04 AM)Inquizitor Wrote: I haven't re-mapped any of my keys. Ctrl + alt is counted by the client, but alt + [any letter or number] never counts alt.

I've followed up to the point where you said that alt+any button never counts alt.
For me it's like this, on every single computer and laptop I've tried whatpulse on:
Ctrl+Alt: 2 keys, both are counted
Alt+Ctrl: 1 key, only Alt is counted
Ctrl+W: 1 key, only Ctrl is counted, W isn't no matter how many times I press it while holding Ctrl
Alt+any other button: 1 key, only Alt is counted, no other key is counted while holding Alt.
I've got a bug. When I press a key, whatpulse counts it as if I clicked 217 keys:

[Image: whatpulsebug7ms5b.png]
Now I press A:
[Image: whatpulsebug29bsq8.png]
It also says that I typed 6,157,362 keys last saturday Big Grin

But on the heatmap it's counting correctly..

EDIT: On my profile (http://whatpulse.org/Philipp12321) the amount of keys is also being counted correctly.
(04-24-2015, 09:37 PM)smitmartijn Wrote: Downloads:
- Windows: http://amcdn.files.whatpulse.org/beta/wh...-2.6b5.exe

Not Found o.0

Quote:The requested URL /beta/whatpulse-win-2.6b5.exe was not found on this server.

Edit: Um, whatpulse-win-2.6.2 supersedes whatpulse-win-2.6b5 from the looks of it:

[Image: bTxAvp6.png]

... even though it's labeled "2.6" (teh Beta). Just had me confused, it's all good, tnx!! :)

Love the list, btw., very cool!..:)

[Image: EmN8Blf.png]
[Image: 2itq8g6.png]
^ This was cool xD
[Image: mcdty0-3.png]
As 2.6.2 has been publicly released for about 1,5 month, the beta has (obviously) come to a close, so yeah, the download has been removed.

The version tags can be found here: http://whatpulse.org/forums/showthread.php?tid=6197

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