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Users losing keys
After reading the statistics of our team it seems that 4 of our users have lost some keys/clicks. Can you tell us what happened? The users are:

drakenpuppy (-3.760.000)
v0LrAtH (-3.551.476)
bReChThOu (-2.124.242)
mrbartjens (-1.690.801)
Yeah, I would very much like to know what happened Whatpulse. It would almost seem as if the keys I made since 5 december last year have all magically disappeared. I know I type a lot, but there doesn't seem to be any reason why my keys are lost. If I look at my own profile I see the keys that I have send to the server since 5 december, but somehow I have lost close to 4.000.000 keys, obviously not something I like.

Please let us know what went wrong, 3.760.000 is a lot of keys to make up for.
Chances are they had suspicious looking pulses with high AvKPS's which triggered a reaction.
I've sent off an email to wasted - I hope this isn't due to server errors. Hopefully, he'll get back to you soon.

Note to wasted - This thread seems to be dealing with the same problem:
[Image: XKalSig1.png]
Thx for your respons, hopefully they'll get back Smile
The keys were removed because of the following reasons.

High AvKPS. While this may not be a valid reason to remove the pulse, when combined with the time frame between pulses they seemed very high and suspicious. If multiple profiles had pulsed at once this is a different story, but the dates on the other profiles if there were any where well before the date on this pulse.

This is the reason they were removed.
Bullshit, i had no high avkps between pulses from the same profile, only between pulses, but that was because i pulsed with multiple profiles (home pc, laptop etc) at once.
So can someone come up with a legit reason please?

7 2008/10/11 11:58:35 301,777 80,424 9.36 37722.13 10053
8 2008/10/11 11:58:27 348,846 218,434 17.82 0.11 0.07

Pulse 7 has a very high AVKPS but thats because I pulsed with profile 1 and then immediately with profile 2. Admins can see what pulses are done with wich profile so dont talk crap please, can an admin say something about it?
I have never cheated a single key in my entire life. If I had high AvKPS that's because we had been saving for a megapulse. Many of us did. I pulsed from both my work profile and from my home profile. That got me serveral millions of keys. I didn't even know anyone had pointed out that I would be cheating either. I don't read these forums like every day you know.

Would be nice to at least send me a private message and ask about the pulses and if I can explain them. There was NO reason whatsoever to remove almost 4.000.000 keys from my profile. I worked hard to get them.
If we sent a private message to a real hacker asking about his dodgy-looking pulses, do you really think he's going to say 'yes I hacked!'?
Bobl maybe is it then time to create a website that calculates the the between the 2 pulses of the same profile instead of the same user.

For example:

2.000.000 keys with 1 profile in 1 month
of 2 pulses with each 1.000.000 keys in the same time will give then a accurate data.

You made it posible to pulse with 2 or more profiles why are you banning it if you want to save it for megapulse.

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