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Windows 8 touch screen support
With all the new windows 8 tablets out and more to come, it would be great if whatpulse counted keys from the on screen touch keyboard. Smile and clicks as well.
Would like to this feature too!
I thought there would be more feedback on this one. I still hope it will be considered. I find myself using my windows 8 tablet a lot.

Although I have a dockable keyboard, which does in fact work with whatpulse, I don't have it connected all the time. Lots of lost "keys" even though they're on a touchscreen.
If this is going to be implemented, I think that a separate counter should be added from keys and clicks, called "touches", and there should also be a client for Android and iOS if possible.
Track touches, yes. I think it'd be really cool to track miles written with the Wacom pen, too. Smile
(03-15-2014, 09:38 AM)robby251 Wrote: If this is going to be implemented, I think that a separate counter should be added from keys and clicks, called "touches", and there should also be a client for Android and iOS if possible.

Fair enough, this would be pretty cool/interesting.

However, if it couldn't be done, there certainly wouldn't be anything wrong with including it in the regular keypresses/clicks. My Surface Pro 2 has a huge on screen keyboard that I sometimes sit and type with as if I'm using a regular tiny keyboard. This should count for something.

Looks like not enough people here have tablets though since this topic is months old and few care. Sad

I doubt you'll see a client for iOS or android since to track the keys/clicks on there it's going to be almost impossible without being jailbroken.
Touching your screen is exactly the same as clicking on your mouse. There's absolutely no reason why it should be a separate stat.

Although i'm sure my touch presses already count as clicks.
Mine do not. I have had two different tablets - the Dell Venue 11 Pro and the Surface Pro 2. Neither of them count keys/clicks. They only counted keyboard clicks from the Touch/Type covers that went with each (as expected) but there was no click or key recognition.

Also, I think touches on a tablet device that use an on screen keyboard shouldn't be counted as clicks. That's definitely typing, just not on a physical keyboard.
Unfortunately, I do not have a tablet so I cannot play with this. I also believe none of the other staff members have one. This makes it very difficult for us to be able to find a possible solution, if there is one. I am not sure how the key hooks operate in Windows Tablet Edition.

I am not talking about windows tablet edition, or RT.

RT has no chance of whatpulse working because of its design.

This would be for Windows 8, or 8.1 full. This is what you will find on tablets such as:

Surface Pro 1 and 2
Asus T100
Dell Venue 8/11 pro

I am sure you could study the hooks within windows 8.1 by enabling the on the screen tablet keyboard without actually having a tablet.

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