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Title: Keyboard heatmap
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A key to the different colors used on the heatmap would be useful. This also applies to the ones posted on the site.
Could you rephrase that? I have no idea what you mean with 'a key to different colors'
Sorry, hope this helps.

[Image: 0f0662bb658a17176530a9ff6f58b082]

A little guide to the side or underneath that explains what each color means.
What you're looking for is a heatmap scale, similar to the one beside this chart:

[Image: ykbq.png]

You would have 0 at the bottom and the number of times you've pressed your most-pressed key (usually space) at the top.
(11-27-2013, 07:12 AM)Bloopy Wrote: What you're looking for is a heatmap scale, similar to the one beside this chart:

Well that makes sense. Is that what you meant as well, @wonder_al ?
It would be great as well if you could rescale it to ignore space and backspace as they are massive outliers on the number of keys I press. Hence it screws up the colours on the rest of the keyboard
Close but something simpler, like this (from another site):
[Image: y7ztYYr.png]

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