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Title: Proxy settings disappearing
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When I want to use a proxy for WhatPulse's networking communications then setting it up works fine. It also works fine on future runs of it but in that case WhatPulse shows all the proxy settings to be completely empty, yet still seems to obey the settings entered the first time. I find this a bit odd that it follows proxy settings behind the scenes still, seems like a problem filling in the settings fields from configuration file.
Silly question, but have you clicked the "Save" button after changing the proxy settings? As that is the trigger to remembering the settings.

Other then that, the client remembers basically every setting unless you forcibly exit it or something, make it crash.
Yes, I have clicked "Save". Otherwise I doubt it'd remember to use the proxy on future runs especially. The problem is just that even though it remembers the settings, it doesn't seem to show them.
Same problem here. Using WP 2.6.3 on Win7. When I go back to the proxy settings page, the proxy settings are all forgotten. Other settings pages don't have the same problem.

Doesn't make a difference whether WP is running as administrator or not.

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