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Title: Identity crisis
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There seems to be a bug with my profile https://whatpulse.org/tim95 it recognizes my MacBook Pro Retina as a Windows PC but it is running OS X 10.10 and actively saying so in the WhatPulse app.

Also, computer names with spaces in it are bugged. As soon as I click on them I get redirected to a page saying "Unable to find account or computer. If you've come here using a link, please contact support."
Same problem, I just noticed it. I guess I've been using Windows for awhile now. It even says Mac on my computer profile on the site.
@tim95 To solve your problem with the "unable to find account ..." just rename your computer name (without space) -> http://whatpulse.org/forums/showthread.php?tid=6427

and for the other problem: http://whatpulse.org/forums/showthread.php?tid=6512
Why computer names with spaces are allowed if the web server can't handle it?

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