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[SOLVED] Duplicate Pulses (Client Version 2.5)
01-02-2015, 02:24 AM, (This post was last modified: 01-24-2015, 09:53 PM by smitmartijn.)
[SOLVED] Duplicate Pulses (Client Version 2.5)
I thought there was already a thread for this, but since I was unable to find it, I am creating my own.

I recently was browsing through my pulse history when I noticed a duplicate pulse. For some reason, that particular token was pulsed twice.

Can this be fixed?
How can I prevent this from happening again?
Is this happening to anyone else?
Is there an official channel through which I can report an error?

I am currently rectifying that errant pulse by accumulating the same stats and will reset my token.
01-02-2015, 04:08 AM,
RE: Duplicate Pulses (Client Version 2.5)
I'd reported a similar issue here. The short answer is to just delete the duplicate pulse. You can do so by going to http://whatpulse.org/abpop#pulses and then clicking on the little trashcan icon next to the pulse in question. You'll be prompted to enter your password. After that, the pulse will be deleted and your stats will be accurate again.
01-03-2015, 07:59 AM,
RE: Duplicate Pulses (Client Version 2.5)
Thanks for the info!

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