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Title: [SOLVED] Web API issue
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I am using the Web API to look up stats and I found out that there is a problem with its returned data, more specifically when using the formatted=yes flag with teams.

http://api.whatpulse.org/team.php?team=a...ormat=json returns the correct key and click counts

http://api.whatpulse.org/team.php?team=a...matted=yes returns some obviously wrong ones
Not sure what you're seeing or mean with 'obviously wrong ones', but they look fine here:


Keep in mind that stats are cached for an hour on different servers, so there is a chance that the api results vary a bit when refreshing.
They appear correct now but about an hour ago keys was "1,729" and clicks was "1,426". Which is too far off to be a caching problem.

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