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Title: How To Get Team Members?
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This, which i would like to point is not an advertisment thread for my team, this thread is about ideas to help get team members.

Just wondering in what ways can i get more members in my team, many people don't check the forums for team advertismnets, just whatpulse seems very quiet in this department.

Does the site need an advertisment boost to help?, would this help more teams get members and more people join them, anyone got an ideas or help.

Are there many smaller teams that have three or four members that want to merge with other teams to get more members between them, If so what about making a team that other teams can merge into.

I was thinking to renaming my team to something like, "Whatpulse's Joint Forces" and having other teams merge into mine or something, (with the name of team the members were in on the info bit) so that people in small teams can be part of something bigger.
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Well, some people would actually be pretty satisfied with their small teams - there's nothing wrong with having a team with 4 or less people in it. Maybe 1 or 2 to a team might not be so rewarding, but hey - I'm not about to stop anyone from doing this!

Personally, I've done very little to advertise my team. I've put my whatpulse signature in other forums I've visited, making sure that the banner links to my team page. I've got about 22 people in my team right now. Not many are still active, but it's still nice to have that joint effort put in there.

Hmm - it seems that only 5 people in my team have pulsed this year.
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