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Account not found + an elaborate error message
06-20-2010, 04:27 PM
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Account not found + an elaborate error message
bobL Wrote:Yes, it's possible to spend hours creating something to manipulate an isolated problem and hope it works.

But it's a beta. It's unfortunate, but it's a beta.

I really honestly can't wrap my head around it taking hours to make something to replace the values in it.. you can read from it, you can write to it... what is keeping you from just writing the correct values to it instead of the messed up ones?

I think it's really unfair that we are forced to use the beta and have a chance of our keys not being able to be pulsed or use the "stable" versions which don't count your keys at all unless you restart it every 10 minutes. It was either: stop using whatpulse altogether or use the "beta" application that in the end malfunctioned. Since we both choose to stay in the project we are the same in that respect, where we aren't the same is in our choice to use the old or the new "beta" client that may have bugs because of additional features along with major fixes that people need to even use whatpulse if you happen to use windows 7. I mean, you fixed the issue with counting in windows 7 and I congratulate you on that but it's not in a "stable" release. If I had my choice I would have stuck with stable but since the beta makes whatpulse usable I had to do it or stop doing it after like 13m keys.

All I'm asking is for 4 more minutes of your time to override the part where it reads the .wpw and sets the variable for my account/profile name and make it automatically use "Supah Fly" and "Aaron" respectively. I can't imagine this being difficult to do at all because I myself program and I just don't know how you could make something so overly-complicated that you can't accomplish something like this without messing everything up. I just want to get my keys pulsed, I don't want all those keys I lost (~700k that whatpulse "stable" didn't count) back..

I just want to keep what I have earned and what the program says I should have. If I were in your shoes and were presented with this problem I would totally help that person out because it's not that difficult to do. I helped you out by making you aware of this issue and I would very much appreciate it if the favor was returned. Would you rather have me complaining in a civilized manner or someone who behaves immaturely and screams at you because they lost a bunch of keys? It's not too much to ask and is practical. I'm just saying.


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Account not found + an elaborate error message - Supah Fly - 06-20-2010 04:27 PM

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