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Account not found + an elaborate error message
06-21-2010, 06:52 AM
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Account not found + an elaborate error message
You're asking for it...

Supah Fly Wrote:i'll be the one crying.
we shouldn't be penalized for using the only thing we can use for this operating system regardless of it's "beta" status.

Supah Fly Wrote:I think it's really unfair that we are forced to use the beta and have a chance of our keys not being able to be pulsed
I just want to keep what I have earned and what the program says I should have.
[...]Would you rather have me complaining in a civilized manner or someone who behaves immaturely and screams at you because they lost a bunch of keys?

Oh, yes, I'd definitely prefer someone who reacts in a civilized manner, but unfortunately you don't always get what you wish for...

You using the word "cry" really made me LOL. You're kidding, right? A program says you punched a few hundred thousand keys on your keyboard, the equivalent of a day or two of gaming. So what? Do you really consider that an accomplishment? Would you put it into your CV? Do you boast about it among your friends? And don't you think a hamster running around in circles on your keyboard couldn't do the same? I mean, come on, it's not like you've typed you PhD thesis and lost that.

You're not forced to use anything. Neither can you possibly be penalized in any way by having a free service offered to you. You're really being ridiculous here. Be happy that WhatPulse exists at all, and that the volunteers working on it are investing so much of their time into it!

As of now, WhatPulse is officially unsupported and known to be broken on Windows 7. That's unfortunate, but nontheless a fact. It's a gesture of kindness towards our users that unsupported, provided-as-is, no-warranty-whatsoever beta builds are being provided that might or might not fix any problems. Using them is your own risk. Even if they made your computer explode and killed your cat in the process, there'd be no compensation at all, not even for the keys you "lost" due to the explosion.

Live with it, and please stop whining.
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