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01-31-2013, 08:38 AM
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RE: Consistency
What you're forgetting, is that the issues (which were more than just the list you mentioned) are fixed in the next releases. (granted, while introducing other problematic things)

I always test the sh*t out of the builds (5 different computers/laptops, 9 different OSes, heavy use for a few days) before putting it on here (except for the pulsing on 2.0.2, which I released too fast) and have basically never been able to reproduce the lionshare of the issues people are getting. This makes it terribly hard to make absolutely sure everything is resolved before I put it out here. That is also why I put it on the forums first and not just posting it to the website, to basically test whether people are still getting issues.

As I see it now, all that remains is the "system freeze" as people describe it (I think it's more a client freeze, as the backup process currently happens in the main thread and I need to put that in a separate thread so it doesn't bother the GUI). I've already put in the old input counter method as well as the new one, so counting should be entirely fixed, and have not gotten around to the database backup functionality yet. Shouldn't be too much work, so you can expect a soon.
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