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Banning Cheaters
04-23-2012, 03:19 PM
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Banning Cheaters
I'd like to elaborate on a point already made here...

There are 86,400 seconds in a day, so to get 1KPS you'd need to type that many keys per day. 1.44kps would be about 124,416eys per day. (I fail at math, please check and correct this as needed)

When I am really, really into a game (which sadly, rarely happens these days) and end up playing it for 12+ hours straight I can break 100k in a day, with the right kind of game. And while I don't have the time, interest, or shear fortitude to do this for more than two -possibly three- days, there are some people where 12+ hours of gaming is their daily lives.

It should also be noted that older versions of Whatpulse didn't track your mouse movement. Many users -while I think it is a bad idea and silly- like to 'save up' their keystrokes and use them all in one big pulse. This could -depending on the join dates- explain why they have no mouse movement. (on a side note, I know a person who (while sadly not using Whatpulse) has disabled his mouse track on his laptop because he prefers to just use keyboard shortcuts)

However, I agree with the OP that most of the people on the leaderboard are likely cheaters. However, I also like that the people who run this site don't seem to want to ban someone without proper proof.

I would rather the Whatpulse rulers be a little too cautious than ban happy.

And in the end, is it a big deal? Sadly it does mess up some of the larger statistics (I wonder what percentage of the total my team *really* has, minus cheaters), but at it doesn't effect our personal or team stats in any way.

On a side note; Occasionally someone will pulse with some crazy number with like nine set of zeros behinds it. With these cheaters, I have noticed a very quick response time from the rulers.
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