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Title: Client places wrong after pulse in 2.4
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My total keys stat place on the client is stuck after pulsing on the 2.4 client. The data upload is fine and the numbers are correct for all stats, but the place modifier is wrong on all stats in the client. Omission of the line(s) possible? If so, a 2.4.1 should come out with correct place modifier.

Ex: Was 3,327th before last pulse in keys. After pulse, according to the website, I should be 3,323rd.

This is not reflected in the client as it shows I am still in 3,327th. Please fix.
Ranks are calculated every 2 hours, so it is fairly possible it differs a bit inside the client. It was never supposed to be real time.
OK. I didn't know that. Thanks for clearing that up, Martijn.

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