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Logitech G15v2 issue - BassWave - 08-11-2009 11:52 AM

WhatPulse is not counting keys anymore since i hooked my new keyboard up.
it's a logitech G15v2 and i am running windows xp sp3 (x86).
i'm using WP

what can be the problem?

Logitech G15v2 issue - c-smith - 08-11-2009 10:34 PM

I assume it's still counting mouse movement and mouse clicks? I'd try pulsing all you're current key/mouse clicks and then re-installing Whatpulse and see if that helps?

Logitech G15v2 issue - BassWave - 08-13-2009 11:23 AM

that worked, thanks

Logitech G15v2 issue - BassWave - 09-15-2009 09:47 PM

and it returns at every reboot.