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[FIXED] Keyboard heatmap color mix up - d3ullist - 06-22-2016

This seems to happen quite often.
Colors overlap, and are not properly placed on keys.
It is corrected on resizing the window by about 24 pixels, after which the keyboard grows in size? and aligns itself again.

Whenever this occurs, the clients also gets a weird 'black' border around the client, but within the window borders.

Restarting the client fixes the issue, but only temporary.
It happens more often if a computer is continued from sleep/hybernation.

1) Version 2.7
2) Windows 8.1 Pro x64
3) Yes
4) Yes, program runs as admin as well.
5) None
6) Firewall, Windows-Defender

RE: Keyboard heatmap color mix up - smitmartijn - 06-24-2016


Thanks for the report! I've just fixed this for the upcoming release (which will be soon).