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[SOLVED] Win7x64 - WhatPulse 2.7 - Instant Crash - Zoomer - 03-02-2016 10:33 AM

Yesterday I updated WhatPule to v2.7 on my laptop and it crashes as soon as it starts. WhatPulse Watchdog pops up with "Something is wrong with your WhatPule client. It was automatically restarted 4 times in the last minute. Please try to run it again in a few hours. in the meantime, a bug report has been sent."

I understand that a bug report is sent so I am not asking for an immediate fix. However, I would like a link to the previous version of the software. The download section doesn't list any previous versions (something I find a bit odd) and i can't search the forum for 6.2 or 6.3 etc because the search term is too short. Is anybody able to provide a link? Also, is there a reason for the download page not listing previous versions?

Thanks in advance.

RE: Win7x64 - WhatPulse 2.7 - Instant Crash - Inquizitor - 03-02-2016 10:47 AM

I've PMed you a link to version 2.6.3. The link is valid for 48 hours.

Before downgrading to 2.6.3, please run 2.7 to reproduce the error and attach your WhatPulse .log files for Martijn to take a look at, so that a solution/fix can be found.

RE: Win7x64 - WhatPulse 2.7 - Instant Crash - Zoomer - 03-04-2016 01:03 PM

Sorry for the slow response. I have had a busy couple of days. I have downloaded 2.6.3 from the link you provided but will get the logs as requested before installing.

Edit: I have tried running the app with --verbose and have attached the log files. I had to change the file type to txt in order to upload.

RE: Win7x64 - WhatPulse 2.7 - Instant Crash - smitmartijn - 03-05-2016 09:07 PM

Before you run back to an older client, the first thing you should do is to reinstall the client. Just to make sure you have a fresh and proper install. Most of the issues with any upgrade consists of basically too many upgrades, which left some old files in the install dir.