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[CLOSED] docker and whatpulse - Sc0rian - 07-17-2015 09:59 AM

So I have had this problem for a while now..

It seems whatpulse gets completely confused when I start to build docker images/containers.

Whatpulse will crash, I will try and kill it but it just goes to a zombie process.

I have looked and it seems to hogging the crap out of ksoftirqd. So it seems to be interrupt requests.

Has anyone else had this?

prime example of this is as I write this post.

1.7 GiB + 2.1 GiB = 3.7 GiB whatpulse

3 root 20 0 0.0m 0.0m 44.0 0.0 1:33.39 S ksoftirqd/0
16986 ben 9 -11 611.8m 11.7m 18.7 0.1 0:13.96 S pulseaudio
14 root 20 0 0.0m 0.0m 14.7 0.0 0:34.19 S ksoftirqd/1

here is a strace of whatpulse


RE: docker and whatpulse - smitmartijn - 07-17-2015 06:46 PM


The only thing I can think of is that the client does not like the docker0 virtual interface. Could you try to turn off network stats and see if that fixes it?

RE: docker and whatpulse - Sc0rian - 07-21-2015 12:02 PM

I tried to ignore the docker adapter, but still caused the same problem and had to restart.

Now gone to settings and disabled network stats fully.

Is it possible to get this fixed Sad It seems quite a major bug!

RE: docker and whatpulse - Sc0rian - 07-21-2015 02:10 PM

nope, evening ignoring causes problems

627.6 MiB + 1.9 GiB = 2.5 GiB whatpulse

RE: docker and whatpulse - smitmartijn - 07-21-2015 05:39 PM

I don't think ignoring would fix it as I assume the docker0 interface would create virtual interfaces for each container. Those virtual interfaces are probably the ones that the client can't handle.

Could you confirm disabling the network counter completely stops the client from crashing when you run docker?

If so, you might want to leave it disabled when you work with it for now. I've put it on the todo, it might be an easy fix, it might not be.

RE: docker and whatpulse - Sc0rian - 07-22-2015 09:25 AM

I have disabled network counter but it still causes whatpulse to have huge memory problems + locks up my system.

For now I am not running whatpulse when doing docker work (which currently is most days Sad )

RE: docker and whatpulse - Sc0rian - 07-24-2015 11:33 AM

okay disabling network stats does seem to make a difference, I had to do a reboot.

I had same problem on my laptop too, so had to disable stats on that as well

RE: docker and whatpulse - smitmartijn - 07-24-2015 04:54 PM

Great, thanks for the feedback. I'll put that in the help center for the time being.

RE: docker and whatpulse - Sc0rian - 07-31-2015 12:46 PM

when do you think you'll get a fix for this??

This is a real major bug for me, as I want to track my whatpulse stuff still...

It keeps messing up my machine. If it disable/enable network, you *have* to reboot, otherwise it just causes crazy irq requests and sucks all your memory Sad

RE: docker and whatpulse - smitmartijn - 07-31-2015 01:36 PM

Not sure, the todo list is pretty long with more stuff with a higher priority then this one, as you are maybe 1 of 5 users who use this on their local machine. Not that you get anything from this answer, but I can't give a proper one.