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7 Day Pulses not working on Site - London_Ash - 05-29-2014 09:20 AM

I am not able to see my 7 Day Pulses for a little while now. I like to see it and compare to previous weeks etc.

This is accessed via your profile, and then on the latest pulses area when you click on the 7 Days link. The "Last Month" and "Last Year" link also does not work.

It navigates to a page which seems to be trying to load user ID 0 instead of my user ID.


RE: 7 Day Pulses not working on Site - Inquizitor - 05-29-2014 05:51 PM

Something's definitely not right with your profile. When I try to load those links, it loads my stats (ID 193351) instead of yours.

My girlfriend tested it on her account, and it does the same thing.

RE: 7 Day Pulses not working on Site - csmith.leicester - 05-30-2014 02:37 PM

Yeah same issue here, affects not only the last 7 days but also last 10 pulses, last month and last year. If you're not logged in then the users parameter in the URL is set to 0; e.g.

If a user is logged in the the correct user ID is used when viewing your own statistics, however when you try and view someone elses last 7 days / last month etc it continues to use your own user ID (which looks to me like what happened with @Inquizitor

RE: 7 Day Pulses not working on Site - smitmartijn - 05-30-2014 03:02 PM


It wasn't his account, it was globally. It linked to the userid of the visiting user, not from the profile you're looking at.