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Internet Speed Tests :P - MyNameDidntFit - 08-27-2008

I figured that DDR2 was newer than DDR... But I don't know what it is :p

Internet Speed Tests :P - X-Kal - 08-28-2008


Maybe that helps? Wink

Internet Speed Tests :P - MyNameDidntFit - 08-28-2008

"double data rate synchronous dynamic random access memory"

What a mouthful... O_o

Internet Speed Tests :P - X-Kal - 08-28-2008

Yea, verily. I've always sticked to the acronym and went no farther. Umm... DDR = old ram, DDR2 = current ram Wink

Until DDR3 replaces it... hehe

RE: Internet Speed Tests :P - London_Ash - 12-23-2013

My Work internet wins.

[Image: 3182972373.png]

RE: Internet Speed Tests :P - newton - 12-26-2013

[Image: 3189459628.png]

About as good as I can get it out here. Wish we had FiOS.

RE: Internet Speed Tests :P - AmokOwe - 12-27-2013

This is actually 60/12 Mbit internet but I've always gotten a bit more.
The nice thing about my internet is that I can change the download/upload speeds with the click of a button.


RE: Internet Speed Tests :P - Cajs - 12-27-2013

[Image: 3190402162.png]
Updated** http://www.speedtest.net/result/3190402162.png

I'm pretty lucky with my connection speed at home Smile

RE: Internet Speed Tests :P - London_Ash - 12-27-2013

Cajs, that's internal (1ms ping)

Try broadbandspeedchecker for a real one. Wink

RE: Internet Speed Tests :P - Kings - 12-28-2013

[Image: 3225542532.png]