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script to check if running or not - Sc0rian - 07-09-2013 02:00 PM

I am wondering if anyone has written a script to check if the whatpulse client is running, and if it is not to start it.

My whatpulse client quite often does not start, and even locks up. I have to kill it and start it again. It's a real shame, I love whatpulse but I really wish they get it working better on Ubuntu.

I wrote a simple script, which works when I run it, but when I insert it into a cronjob it won't. I have tried putting my username before the cronjob etc, but just will not work. Thinking maybe to install monit, but a bit overkill just for WP.


RESULT=`ps -A | sed -n /whatpulse/p`

if [ "${RESULT:-null}" = null ]; then
    echo "whatpulse not running    "
    screen -d -m /home/me/.whatpulse-bin/whatpulse
    echo "whatpulse running"