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v2.1+xp: Runtime Error - cnjack - 04-30-2013 02:25 AM

v2.04 is ok. v2.1 runtime error on xp!

anybody else suffer from this problem?Huh

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
Runtime Error!

Program: C:\Program Files\WhatPulse2\whatpulse.exe

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
Please contact the application's support team for more information.

RE: v2.1+xp: Runtime Error - condoor - 04-30-2013 02:35 PM

same here, but on W7 x64.

RE: v2.1+xp: Runtime Error - dj_chalky - 04-30-2013 03:42 PM

I kept getting this over and over again on a Windows 2003 Server. If you did it enough times it might work for an hour before falling over again.

I had to uninstall it in the end and not bother using WhatPulse anymore.

RE: v2.1+xp: Runtime Error - cnjack - 05-01-2013 08:43 AM

It just crashes after my xp starts up!

After the prompt box, I try to rerun it, but always fail. I can find the process, but not the interface.

RE: v2.1+xp: Runtime Error - Dragonator - 05-02-2013 12:55 PM

I also run WP2.1 since this week, but it keep crashing about four times a day. Or it just consumes 99% of CPU and leaves me to kill the process. I haven't found a cause yet.

Hope there will be new update and it will get better, because this is quit annoying.

RE: v2.1+xp: Runtime Error - Jasseh - 05-02-2013 03:41 PM

2.1 Keeps randomly closing for me too, sometimes after as few as 3 clicks. I've downgraded back to 2.0.4 as I had no problems with that version.

RE: v2.1+xp: Runtime Error - advcomp2019 - 05-02-2013 05:14 PM

I don't know if this will help, but the admin here did post on another thread that they did find runtime bugs. Here is the post: http://whatpulse.org/forums/showthread.php?tid=2932&pid=22684#pid22684

RE: v2.1+xp: Runtime Error - WOWVern - 05-02-2013 07:04 PM

There is a solution: Completely delete your old WP client and then install the 2.1 client. The runtime errors are due to overwriting the old dll files. A completely new install will fix this.

RE: v2.1+xp: Runtime Error - condoor - 05-03-2013 01:08 AM

This solution does not work.

RE: v2.1+xp: Runtime Error - advcomp2019 - 05-03-2013 03:26 PM

Condoor, which one did not work: the file that smitmartijn posted or what WOWVern said?