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Website bug? - sitmex - 02-19-2013

Hi, Good day

I've visited WP website and encounter a bug on the main page, the rotating images were all piled up.

Using Currently Windows 8 and it's default IE explorer, about to change it btw,

Anyway, please see attached JPG.

RE: Website bug? - Saulius - 02-19-2013

It's fine for me. I guess it's only happening to you.

RE: Website bug? - SwissAndi - 02-19-2013

(02-19-2013, 02:06 PM)sitmex Wrote: the rotating images were all piled up.

hi Sitmex,
the same happens when i turn off javascript in firefox.
just make sure all the necessary features are running in your internet exploder when you load whatpulse.org.