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Can't pulse anymore!!! - Kazoeja - 01-06-2008

I am using whatpulse for about a week or 3, and it worked just fine. But now I want to pulse my keys and clicks but it doesn't work anymore I right click and push pulse but it doesn't do anything, the automatic setting doesn't work either. Please help me.

Can't pulse anymore!!! - X-Kal - 01-07-2008

Which version are you using, are you pulsing from multiple computers, and how many keys are you trying to pulse? (trying to keep my questions short)

Can't pulse anymore!!! - Kazoeja - 01-07-2008

I am using version 1.5
Yes I pulse with multiple computers and it still works with them
Keys: 10.650
Clicks: 17.262

Can't pulse anymore!!! - Kazoeja - 01-08-2008

I always try to pulse everyday, it didn't work anyday. But now it is worse I tried to pulse today and now the green circle stays and I can't right-click my WhatPulse icon anymore.


I restarted whatpulse and the circle is away but I still can't pulse.

Can't pulse anymore!!! - smitmartijn - 01-09-2008

You have an invalid token, please request a new token.

Can't pulse anymore!!! - Kazoeja - 01-09-2008

and how do you do that?

Can't pulse anymore!!! - Hemogrobin - 01-10-2008

You right click on the Whatpulse icon and choose "Request new token" I guess.

But I am having the same problem and I have requested a new token like this many times (at least 5 times) and it still gives me the Invalid Token error afterwards. What else can I do?

Can't pulse anymore!!! - X-Kal - 01-10-2008

If you are pulsing from multiple computers, you will need to have separate pulse profiles for them. (not separate accounts... they're like sub-profiles). If that is the case, please go here:


If not... I don't know.

Can't pulse anymore!!! - Hemogrobin - 01-10-2008

I only pulse from one computer, the same one I have been using for WhatPulse for at least 2 years. I haven't changed profiles or anything recently, and I haven't made any major changes to my computer in the past few days, so I am clueless as to what could have caused this...

Can't pulse anymore!!! - Kazoeja - 01-10-2008

But when I request a new token then I will lose all of my keys and clicks and I dont want to lose that many keys!!
Can you add them to my account?