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Website - Ongoing Release notes - smitmartijn - 10-13-2012 01:51 PM

These are the updates being done to the website on http://beta.whatpulse.org - If you reported something, it will list here when it's fixed.

- Add timestamp to uploaded heatmaps
- Add profile picture editing
- Add linux distro support to download page
- Add unregister function
- Add referral function
- Various bugfixes

- Add a notification bubble for unread messages
- Use the short URL for profiles throughout the website
- Fix activation URL sent in registration email
- Fix max. twitter message length counting
- Fix "Top pulses" widget in Project numbers overview

- API: Different caches for the various options.
- My WhatPulse: Ignore actions with no selected messages
- My WhatPulse: Add notification bubble for unread messages

- Profile edit: Only check username availability when it's changed.
- Stats tables: Fix pagination.
- View profile: Fix not presenting keyboard/mouse heatmaps when viewing user is not logged in.