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Active and fun team available? - ???? - 02-15-2010 06:27 PM

Hello there, I'm currently searching for an active, and fun team to join..

Active and fun team available? - theHacker - 02-16-2010 10:06 AM

Hi there.

I am from the community klamm.de and would like to introduce you to our team.
Check out our team site at http://www.whatpulse-team.de/.

klamm.de is a paid4start-site (you get money for visiting the site) which has over 317,000 members and in our forums we have nearly 52,000 users registered. So you don't have to fear the team dieing out.

There's a catch: The forums are German, so if you don't speak German you will not be able to participate at our forums.

Active and fun team available? - Freaka - 04-12-2010 05:02 AM

Adrenaline Smile
It's an international team.

Active and fun team available? - sellyme - 12-16-2010 04:31 AM

Well, if you like games, head over to the Kongregate website and team (id 12986).

We're one of the largest groups on the site, with four teams, and about 550 members in total. Our forum thread has well over 7000 posts, and is very active, and with 4,500,000 site members, it's an incredibly active community.

We also have an IRC channel at irc://irc.coldfront.net/kongpulse if you like chatting with other Whatpulse users.