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Full Version: Your week on WhatPulse -> Lack of aktivity
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every week the same
i Have 2 Friends, but one every week show as inaktive...
they Pulse more as my other friend ... why?


Me LKTechnik
Aktive Friend EselDompteur
Friend with lack of aktivity DjBusti
hm, no idea?
If you dont have an idea about the problem

a ckeckbox in the profile: "Send report for inaktive Friends" are also ok for me.
Hi LKTechnik,

I'm so sorry, it looks like this thread got snowed in and got away from me. Are you still having this problem? The weekly update checks whether someone has pulsed, it only skips someone if they have not pulsed and if they don't have a profile update in the last 7 days. It literately does a compare with last weeks amount of pulses to this weeks amount of pulses. If there's no different, they are skipped, if there is a difference, they are shown on the update.
* 1 friends skipped due to lack of activity.
(Email: 26 December 14)

i Have 2 Friend here and 1 is every week lack of aktivity and one show me the counts.

Inaktive http://whatpulse.org/DjBusti
Aktive http://whatpulse.org/EselDompteur

maby here is an easy way:

so ... i have no idea
Next Week ...
I am having this issue as well. I only have Inquizitor added to my friends list as we are competing for keystrokes and tracking each others progress, but it says he is always skipped due to lack of activity, yet he types more than me most weeks.
some new reports per mail but no fixes...

every email the same issues
Again, sorry it took so long. After investigating a few times with a clean look, I think I found the cause of this.

DjBusti's update was processed before yours (simply because he registered first), after which the system updated his details. When it got to your update, it retrieved his updated details and compared them to his current details, which has a difference of 0.

I've pushed the fix for this to the website and it should have effect next Friday.
And? :-)
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