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Introducing WhatPulse Achievement Badges: Unlock and Showcase Your Stats

· 2 min read
Martijn Smit

We are thrilled to announce WhatPulse achievement badges, a fantastic way for you to show your statistical accomplishments!

Starting today, active accounts will automatically be assigned our unique badges daily. We’re launching with 22 badges and will continue to add more. You can find a complete list of the badges and their requirements here.

Once you earn a new badge, you will receive a notification about your latest accomplishment. Your new badges can then be accessed and admired on your profile under the new "Badges" tab (figure 1, arrow 1):

New Badges Tab

Figure 1: New Badges tab, located on your profile page.

This dedicated section proudly showcases your badge collection, allowing you to share and compare your achievements with others.

A keen eye will also see the “Latest Badge” (figure 1, arrow 2), which shows the last badge you’ve been awarded. Your latest badge is visible on your profile page, ensuring that your most recent feat receives the recognition it deserves.

Click any badge or badge title to open a window with more information about the badge, like when you unlocked the badge, and easy social media share buttons:

Badge Details

Figure 2: Badge detail window, opened when you click a badge.

A growing collection

We are excited to launch 22 unique badges covering a wide range of milestones. However, we'll continuously add new badges to offer even more opportunities for you to challenge yourself and achieve new ones. Keep an eye out for future badge releases.

If you have any ideas about what badges we should add, leave feedback here.

Happy badge hunting!

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