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February 2013

Website updates

The website has just been updated to it's latest revision! There are a lot of shiny tiny tweaks and small features we added, most of which are to enhance the user experience. The most important changes are listed below:

  • Add computer list to Web API output
  • Add SSL access for Web API (https://api.whatpulse.org)
  • Add pie chart of computer usage in public profile
  • Add "Latest Forum Posts" to public profile
  • Add missing premium membership trial page
  • Add profile preview window when editing your profile
  • Add an easy way to add statistic variables in the profile editor
  • Optimise loading times by using a CDN for the media files
  • Fix short urls for usernames with special characters
  • Fix 32/64bit linux downloads by linking to the linux client download page
  • Fix "My WhatPulse" navigation when already inside the /my/ menu
  • Fix avatar uploads in certain browsers