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December 2012

WhatPulse 2.0!

After 2 years of development, 3 months of testing, 1,351 cans of energy drinks and 1,788,334 lines of code, we are proud to present the release of WhatPulse 2.0.

WhatPulse 2.0 is currently available for download here: http://whatpulse.org/downloads/

Both the software and website have been rewritten from the ground up to lay the foundation for more exciting features. To begin with, we have added the two most requested features over the last few years; Network and Uptime tracking.

That's right, WhatPulse can now measure your input (keyboard & mouse), network and uptime usage!

Network usage can be seen on application level ("How much does Dropbox use?") and even up to how much you download and upload to the countries in the world.

Uptime usage measures how long you have been running WhatPulse on your computer and how often you use certain applications.

Right now only the accumulations of these statistics are sent to the website and you (as always) have complete control over what you make public.

One other thing was extremely important for us during the development of the new client; uniformity. We've made sure that the client looks and acts the same on all platforms. (Windows, Linux, Mac OS)

Because so much has changed between the previous release and WhatPulse 2.0, we will be posting several blog posts on the website explaining several features in depth. It's just too much to cover in this general announcement.

We would like to thank you for your support during this development period, for all your feedback and everyone involved with the beta. WhatPulse is going to keep growing and getting new features, stay tuned!