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My name is sellyme, and I joined a long, long time ago, back on 2009-09-06. That was 7y6w5d22h5m10s. Hailing from the great country of Australia I joined team osu! due to about 104% of my time being on there. My last keys pulse was 1,323,570 compared to my clicks in that pulse of 1,186,461. That pulse was at 2016-10-17 20:03.
Total Keys: 248,070,988
Total Clicks: 22,335,160
Rank: 3rd
Keys per second: 1.1
Keys per minute: 66.18
Keys per hour: 3971.04
Pulses: 37,534
Keys per pulse: 6,609
Team's rank: 3rd
Australia's Rank: 7th