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Welcome to my WhatPulse Profile.
My name is Ash and I am the CEO/Founder of SearchBuzz and an avid typist.

The Numbers
Total Pulses: 9,046
Total Keystrokes: 20,456,402
Total Mouse Clicks: 5,662,641
Total Data Downloaded: 1.78TB
Total Data Uploaded: 447.88GB
Total Uptime on all systems: 37w15h30m48s
I joined: 2008-12-29, which was 5y29w3d14h24m27s ago.
Referrals to the WhatPulse Project: 19
My last pulse was: 2014-07-22 14:27

My Rankings
My Rank in the UK: 149
My Rank in my Team (OCN - Overclock.net): 25th
KeyStrokes Ranking: 3058th
Mouse Clicks Ranking: 6293rd
Download Ranking: 1748th
Upload Ranking: 2713th
Uptime Ranking: 2868th

I type for the UK. The UK has typed 12,461,855,877 keys.