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Website Changes


  • NEW Add a Facebook integration for stats posts. This means you can now use our website to post your WhatPulse stats to Facebook.


  • NEW Redirect to the Dashboard from the home page if you are logged in, turning the landing page into something useful
  • NEW Leaderboards: Highlight your own position
  • NEW Leaderboards: Add a button to jump to the page you are on
  • IMPROVED Allow users to use their own password when resetting their WhatPulse password


3 AUGUST 2016
  • NEW Allow the removal of multiple pulses at once


16 JULY 2016
  • IMPROVED Add a link to hiding and/or removing all applications from your profile inside MyWhatPulse
  • IMPROVED Catch more errors with the payment gateways and notify the user when something went wrong
  • FIXED Fix the "Order by" feature on the "Who's using this?" tab of an application page


21 MAY 2016
  • FIXED Fix user rankings for suspended users (they were still counted)
  • IMPROVED Show 'inactive account' when logging into a pending account (needs the activation link from the welcome email)


7 APRIL 2016
  • NEW Add a 'Totals' row to all pulses overviews


25 FEBRUARY 2016
  • FIXED Fixed computer merge message (it wasn't showing)


20 FEBRUARY 2016
  • FIXED Fix a few Twitter Link bugs where users could run into an error with linking their account


16 FEBRUARY 2016


11 FEBRUARY 2016
  • NEW Add a download mirror for the client downloads, just in case the primary download doesn't work for you


  • IMPROVED Improve security in the entire website by using SSL for all user actions and prevent unrequested actions


  • NEW Launch 'Promo Codes' for use in promotions with free premium


29 NOVEMBER 2015
  • FIXED Fixed the occasional error with the 'Forgot Password' page


  • IMPROVED Refresh all email communication looks


  • NEW Add an overall 'Trends' page to display trends over time; currently used for OS versions


  • IMPROVED Transfer Pulse history when merging computers


  • NEW Add the ability to search for pulses between a start and end date in the pulses API
  • NEW Add timestamps for all dates in the API output.
  • NEW Add TeamID and SubTeamID in team API output.


17 AUGUST 2015
  • NEW Show IP addresses of computers in you computer overview to show it's last location.


16 AUGUST 2015
  • IMPROVED Make the global computer stats page a lot faster.


13 AUGUST 2015
  • NEW Added a "Make a Wish" feature in the footer of every page for you to request changes on any page you'd like something changed.


1 AUGUST 2015
  • NEW Integrated the Weekly Update statistics to the Twitter message and your Profile text


18 JULY 2015
  • NEW Added integration for new service software to make contacting WhatPulse much easier and better
  • NEW Reinvented the Help Center for better search, better articles and better reachability


1 JULY 2015
  • NEW Added a Brand Assets page where WhatPulse logos and other WhatPulse images can be found for your use
  • REMOVED Remove large distracting footer for better user experience and performance


1 JUNE 2015
  • FIXED Fixed computer graph for clicks on a user profile


28 MARCH 2015
  • FIXED Fixed weekly update bug where friends could get the "Inactive" status
  • NEW New search bar to directly search for what you're looking for
  • NEW Added functionality for admins to suspend users. To see what this means, check the KB
  • NEW Add a Global Computer Info page to display most popular hardware
  • NEW Change emoticons. Add a transformer one. [..]


10 DECEMBER 2014
  • NEW Added computer information pages, to show the basics of your computer. This is controlled by a privacy setting, which has been turned off by default. If you want to show off your computer info, enable it in your Privacy Settings
  • NEW Added a 'Follow Team' button so you can subscribe to weekly updates of that team. Learn how your favorite teams are growing
  • NEW Added management of followers and people or teams you follow from My WhatPulse
  • NEW Added daily grabs of the most popular applications and display them on the Project Numbers page
  • IMPROVED Reworked the registration page to be more simple and integrate the easiest method of CAPTCHA ever
  • IMPROVED Allow people to directly unsubscribe from the weekly updates with a link inside the email
  • IMPROVED Updated our Privacy Policy to reflect the new application statistics and concern around them
  • IMPROVED Updated some icons to a more modern look
  • FIXED Ignore the 'Unknown' country on uptime/bandwidth rank lists
  • FIXED Fixed searching applications with spaces


  • NEW Add Stripe as a payment gateway for the Premium Services, next to PayPal
  • NEW Allow the twitter feed to be paused (and remember with a cookie)
  • NEW Add Applications to the search function
  • NEW Allow team founders and managers to manage memberships of sub-teams
  • NEW Support new client (2.5) facebook login
  • IMPROVED Simplify navigation menu style
  • IMPROVED Widen the page design to reclaim unused space and use that space to better display our stats
  • IMPROVED Link to Application from pulse detail view


24 JUNE 2014
  • IMPROVED Redesign Help Center to make it more accessible and make it easier to find content
  • NEW Improve user and team profile editing by using an universal web editor
  • IMPROVED Use uniform icons throughout the website
  • NEW Allow sub-teams to have a small description of their subteam
  • NEW Add the ability to filter by computer on pulses overview
  • IMPROVED Require password before unregistering


14 APRIL 2014
  • NEW Redesign landing page with updated screenshots and the ability to show all operating systems
  • IMPROVED Redesigned a bunch of small stuff (i.e. alignment, tables) for a better user experience
  • IMPROVED Redesigned menu structure and put the premium features into their own menu
  • IMPROVED Optimised a lot of images and data sources for a faster loading website
  • IMPROVED Show client release notes for all versions in between
  • IMPROVED Make allowed characters in computers, usernames, teams, etc, consistent throughout the website
  • NEW Add references to the new "Export Wizard" inside the client
  • IMPROVED Make computer the same colour in all graphs on the computer pie chart
  • FIXED Fix premium graphs sometimes not rendering after repeat visits
  • FIXED Fix not displaying computers on the apps tab of user profiles


28 MARCH 2014
  • IMPROVED Numerous improvements to the speed of the website
  • NEW Send out personalised weekly updates (notification option)
  • NEW Location aware title bar
  • IMPROVED Show loading bar when loading tab pages
  • FIXED Properly sort application versions


4 JANUARY 2014
  • NEW Added the ability to delete your own pulses
  • NEW Added a release notes page (yes, you're looking at it!)
  • NEW Make Premium membership reminder emails more friendly
  • NEW Added Premium Subscriptions (next to pre-paid) and default to subscriptions for memberships


2 JANUARY 2014
  • NEW Added "Weekly Activity Reports" - weekly reports of your activity on WhatPulse


  • NEW Added a free Premium reward for following WhatPulse on Facebook or Twitter
  • NEW Added a lot more global statistics to the Project Numbers page
  • NEW Added an overview of referred users to My WhatPulse
  • NEW Added the ability to merge computers inside My WhatPulse
  • IMPROVED Team links have been updated to a more friendly format, making it easier to share team profiles.
  • IMPROVED There have been general design and menu changes to enhance your browsing experience.


  • FIXED Fix "double push" on header buttons (My Team/My Stats)
  • NEW Added the ability to hide specific applications from your profile.
  • NEW Favorites have been replaced with Followers. Follow a user directly from their profile page and see who is following you.
  • IMPROVED Dynamic Images variables have been updated with bandwidth and uptime


3 JUNE 2013
  • NEW Sub-teams got their own page
  • NEW Added WebAPI calls for retrieving pulses
  • NEW New Period Graph for Premium members
  • NEW New referral system with rewards


18 MAY 2013
  • FIXED Fix menu highlights in forums and help center
  • FIXED Fix user team rank bug; it always displayed the last ranking in the team
  • NEW Add "My Stats" & "My Team" buttons to help center and forums header
  • IMPROVED Normalize dates and times across the site
  • IMPROVED Don't require users to part their current team before joining a new one
  • NEW Add easy "Join Team" button to team profile page
  • NEW Add sub-teams to Web API
  • IMPROVED Make the computer chart on the profiles metric selectable
  • NEW Allow users to reset their own stats
  • IMPROVED Started keeping a public website change log