2.7.1 - 2 July 2016
   NEW    Mac: Support for macOS Sierra (10.12).
   NEW    Windows: New updater to improve future updates and for a better update experience.
   NEW    Keyboard Heat-map: Add a view with a table with the key counts.
   FIXED    Pulsing: Fix situations where the client could pulse every minute.
   FIXED    Make the "I" button clickable again for the window with all the facts.
   FIXED    Fix premium expiration date presentation.
   FIXED    Never allow negative application uptime (when a computers clock changes).
   FIXED    Keyboard Heat-map: Fix the color overlay positioning of the keyboard when switching between regular and with numpad.
   FIXED    Input - Mouse Heat-map: Show the export button.
   FIXED    Windows: Better handle hibernation/sleep and make sure the counters are still active.
   FIXED    Fix the sizes of the dots in the reboot dot chart when there's just 1 day of the week with reboots.
   REMOVED    Remove psvince.dll file from installer (was used to detect if the client is running), some A/Vs seemed to have problems with it.
   IMPROVED    Show a notice when trying to login to an account which is waiting for activation.