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Linux installation

WhatPulse on Linux requires several libraries to function. Mainly Qt, because WhatPulse is built on Qt. Here's a list of requirements:

- libQtCore
- libQtWebKit
- libqt4-sql
- libqt4-sql-sqlite
- openssl-devel (libssl-dev)
- libQtScript 

Input Statistics
The client needs permissions to be allowed to read your keyboard/mouse input. Run the included interactive .sh script to set up these permissions.

Network Statistics
To enable the network measurements, you also need the package libpcap to allow WhatPulse to hook into the network traffic. If WhatPulse does not find libpcap, it will run but it will not display any network statistics.

The next is only required on clients earlier than 2.1 - later versions will automatically correct this:
After libpcap installation, you need to tell the OS to allow the WhatPulse binary to hook into the network traffic. To do so, execute this command inside the directory where the binary resides:

sudo setcap cap_net_raw,cap_net_admin=eip ./whatpulse

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Comment of [GMOT]lucb1e:
Packets for Linux Mint 13 (Maya): sudo apt-get install libqtcore4 libqtwebkit4 libqt4-sql libqt4-sql-sqlite I'm not sure about the openssl one, but I think I installed libcurl4-openssl-dev for this. Tip: You can search for package names with apt-cache search [name]. Sometimes you need to use a partial name. You can search within the results with grep (example: apt-cache search dev | grep openssl). Another tip: Download Whatpulse from the downloads page, not the homepage. It might inadvertently download the 32 bit version, which doesn't work on 64-bit linuxes (most are 64 bit).
Added at: 2012-12-26 19:59

Comment of [GMOT]lucb1e:
Finally got bandwidth working by apt-getting libpcap-dev and restarting Whatpulse. Full command: sudo apt-get install libpcap-dev Thanks to Bjarno ( for this tip! Also, to make Whatpulse capture keys and clicks without root, use the script from here: You only need the "script to set up permissions", not anything else. Run it as root and do as it says. It works for both Whatpulse 1.x and 2.0.
Added at: 2012-12-30 16:22

Comment of [GMOT]bjarno:
For those of you who still got problems with installing and setting up WhatPulse I wrote a small script that installs the necessary packages, downloads and executes it, downloads and unpacks WhatPulse to ~/.whatpulse-bin and make it executable. It will also configure libpcap correctly. I haven't tested it thoroughly yet but I will make changes if needed. If this script worked for you... please leave a comment or send a message (trough Whatpulse or any other way). So I'm sure that there are no problems. Links: 32-bit: 64-bit: Still problems? Follow the comments of lucb1e ;)
Added at: 2012-12-30 22:38