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November 2011

Windows: 1.7.1 and Mobile Stats Web Application

WhatPulse for Window 1.7.1 can be downloaded from the download section. This is a maintenance release which fixes the following reports:

Bug #204: Some keys are defined as 'Unknown'
Bug #210: Popup spam when offline
Bug #218: Counting clicks when option is turned off
Bug #70: Geek window transparency; immovable window

Mobile Stats Web Application (MSWA)
After having an iPhone only stats application for a while, we decided to create an universal stats application that can be used on iOS, Android, Blackberry...basically any mobile device with a browser.

You can find it here: http://whatpulse.org/mobilestats/

Most platforms can put web apps on the home screen, so you can create a shortcut. There are plans to extend this application to sense different screen sizes (phones vs. tablets), to display more information on devices which have bigger screens.