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August 2010

WhatPulse for Windows 1.7

We're proud to (finally) present WhatPulse for Windows 1.7 to the world.

Windows 7 has issues with version 1.6 and below, it is possible for WhatPulse to suddenly stop counting. (usually under high load of the computer). We're glad to say that these problems have been solved in 1.7 and recommend everyone using Windows 7 to upgrade.

Windows 7 support is not the only change, here's a small list:

- New communication protocol
WhatPulse now communicates with the website over HTTP, which means a lot less hassle to get it working from a secured network. (proxies understand the pulses)

- Portable mode
There is now a portable mode setting available in the preferences window. Enabling this will allow WhatPulse to run from a USB disk or other portable media. This makes it easy to take WhatPulse with you.

- Key Frequencies image generator.
It is now possible to send your key frequencies to the website and have it create an image out of it. An example can be found here: http://bit.ly/cXF7dL. The images will be presented on the website better in the near future.

- Others
There's a new setup wizard.
Several bugfixes with large distance increases seen when using RDP.
Several other bugfixes: http://bit.ly/bDh7Dz