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March 2010

WhatPulse for Linux 1.0

Jakob finished WhatPulse for Linux 1.0, with a pretty good changelog!

- Keyboard diagram visualizing usage frequencies of keys
- Completely reworked Setup dialog: You can now choose from your existing computers, create a new computer, or create a new user account the first time WhatPulse starts up
- Added option to log out of the current account
- Switched to new HTTP-based server communication
- Support HTTP proxies for server communication
- "Daemon mode": in the group "[Settings]", add an entry "DaemonMode=true" (without the quotes) to ~/.config/whatpulse/settings.conf to start WhatPulse without a tray icon
- The GeekWindow doesn't have a taskbar entry any longer
- Reworked access to mouse and keyboard events, should now work with bluetooth mice and possibly other exotic hardware (Lacking any of the hardware in question, I can't test this myself. Please report any problems you encounter.)

If you find any bugs or have any feature requests for the Linux client, please visit http://redmine.whatpulse.org/projects/show/linux