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November 2009


Welcome to a WhatPulse update! We have several things we'd like to share with you, beginning with;

Gadget Update
The Window (sidebar) gadget has been updated to fix a bug which causes it to retrieve your stats from the website every second. Also full Windows 7 compatibilty has been added. Please update it if you have it running! (http://whatpulse.org/downloads/)

Dynamic Images
Since the former WSI went offline, people have been asking WhatPulse to host the forum images. Unfortunately, we have not been able to do so, until now.

A new section on the website called 'Dynamic Images' has gone online. Here, you can create a dynamic image (with drag and drop ease) with your statistics on in. After you've created an image, you can use it on a forum signature, on your website, basically anywhere you can please an image on.

Read about how to get started on our brand new wiki: http://whatpulse.org/wiki/Dynamic_Images

Knowledge Base replacement
I already used the url above; we are replacing the current knowledge base with a wiki.

This way, you (yes you!) can contribute to the overall documentation of WhatPulse and help new users to get around better. Go ahead and take a look on http://whatpulse.org/wiki, see if there's something you'd like to write about!

Twitter has become a hugely popular service and requests for tweeting WhatPulse stats are growing as well. This is why there is a new page in the control center where you can configure periodic tweets of your stats! If you're using twitter, check it out at http://whatpulse.org/my/twitter/

Speaking of twitter, WhatPulse has its own twitter account (http://twitter.com/whatpulse). We will use it for everything to report pretty much everything (website downtime, minor new features, etc) coming down the path.

Bug tracking / feature requests
There have been quite a few different bug and feature trackers used in the history of WhatPulse. A few months ago, we switched to redmine and are convinced this one will stick. ;-)

Robbie (Windows developer) has requested a storm for improvement ideas for the windows client, he is working hard to release version 1.7 as a christmas present. Ifyou have an idea, please report it on http://redmine.whatpulse.org/projects/show/windows!

That's it for now, untill next time!