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April 2009

Windows 1.6.2


After a turbulent release of 1.6, 1.6.2 is now on the market. Here's the changelog:

For developers: Added option to export Key Frequencies as XML.
When upgrading from 1.6 to 1.6.2, keys, clicks, distance and settings will remain.
Removed popup when opening Pulse Log if Pulse Log doesn't exist.
Changed tray menu balloon to multi-line.
Added ability to change between two ports: 80 and 3490 (Also fixes Pulsing/connection issues).
'Logoff User' now removes all data files.
Changed 'Check for Updates' dialogue slightly (makes it more clear that it is a notification not an updater).
Added 'Set Default Values' for skin settings.
Skin settings automatically revert to default if for some reason they all go blank.
All dialogue windows now show in taskbar.
Settings now save on Windows shutdown.
Pulses time-out after 30 seconds.
All dialogue windows now only open one instance.
Changed the way saving Key Frequency exports is done (automatically enters name and file type into save dialogue).
WhatPulse.xml is now stored in the same location as the .wpw files (Defaults to %APPDATA%\WhatPulse\).

Other Fixes:
Fixed bug where tray menu would display "Pulse! (Auto -2147483648 s)."
Fixed tab order in Program Settings dialog.
Fixed issue of WhatPulse? pulsing when an hour timer is set.
Fixed pulse timer not going over 1 hour.

Login Window:
Now shows in taskbar.
Tab order changed.
Added exit option.
Fixed: Button enable/disable issues.
Fixed: Dropdown box is now better sized and operates properly.
Fixed: Proxy Setting issues.
Many other small fixes.