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March 2009

A Fresh Start

As you all noticed by now, the previous news post was a while ago, and the project has slept since then.

Untill 4 weeks ago, it woke up.

There's a new spark of energy in the development team, and this is our first release. New guy on the block is called bobL.

We are happy to announce a new version of the Windows client (1.6), the first public Mac OS X client (1.1) and a new version of the website.

Here's a small list of the major features added:

- Overhaul of visual aspects.
- ICEPAY donation system. (phone, sms, ideal, wiretransfer, etc)
- Referral system; Gather more statistics by referring your friends.
- Knowledge Base to fit the style of the main website.

Windows: 1.6
- Optimized the data inside WhatPulse.wpw to minimize corruption.
- Store WhatPulse.wpw inside a Windows assigned place. (fixes problems with Vista)
- Brand new login window. (for existing accounts and registering accounts)
- Ability to determine the place of stats inside the geek window. (will be made easier)
- Redirected server communication through port 80 again.
- A lot of bugfixes.

'Pulse profiles' have been renamed to 'Computers' to make more sense.

Expect a better version release system!

With the release of 1.6, all previous versions before 1.5 (1.4.x) will be disabled. Please upgrade before 12 April, otherwise you will not be able to pulse anymore!

A word on a Linux version: I have started work on a Linux client myself, and will probaly release an alpha or beta in a few months. (for real this time. ;-))