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November 2007

New design! (and updates)

The new design (by Yannick) has (finally) been implemented. There were several reasons why it took so long, but I do apologize for the delay.

It is possible that there are some areas of the website that do not display properly (ugly font, etc), please let me know if you find anything!

Next to the website, here are a few updates of other projects going on:

- Linux client

Staykovmarin has taken it upon him to developer us a Linux client. And, he's almost done with it! So far the client has a GUI for most WM's, and is ready to pulse. The ETA should be a few weeks.

- Mac client

Development of the Mac client has been restarted, and looks good so far. I should have more on this in a few weeks.

- Windows client

The Gambler and HedgeHog have picked up where I left off on the Windows client. Mostly concerning the security, and lag of 1.5. Their progress looks good so far, and I believe they will have something soon.

- Website

Well, as you see, the new design has been uploaded. With this change, I also want to involve a few more people into the development of the website.

There are -a lot- of ideas floating around for it; the main things being a total overhaul to separate design and code (using smarty templates), database redesign for speed, using caching, dynamic graphs, expanding the premium services, and a lot more.

If you are a webdeveloper (PHP/MySQL), recognize any of above terms, and want to help WhatPulse out; send me an email at wasted@whatpulse.org.

To be continued!