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August 2006

WhatPulse 1.5 Beta (Cherry)

It's been a very long time coming, but you can now download the first public beta (ever) of WhatPulse, version 1.5!

There have been a lot of changes since the last 1.4 release, but I'll try to give you a small list with headliners:

Pulse Profiles
First, you had accounts, and then you have accounts with profiles. Profiles are basically ways to separate your different computers. To read more about pulse profiles, review http://whatpulse.org/pulse-profiles/

In the 1.4 versions, communications with the server went through the HTTP protocol. In 1.5, all communications go through a new protocol, that whatpulsed uses. WhatPulseD is more stable, faster, and can handle way more load then the old way of pulsing.

Proxy authentication
Some proxy servers require authentication. Previous WhatPulse versions did not support proxy authentication. 1.5 does.

Mouse Distance support
In addition to key counting and click counting, WhatPulse now also supports tracking how far you've moved your mouse.

Automatic updates checker
WhatPulse now checks every week or every month (or never) for updates with the server.

Local XML stats file
Next to the XML file on the server, 1.5 has the option to generate a local XML file that you can use for local programs to grab statistics.

Interface revamp
Most dialogs have been revamped to have better usability, and just to look better.

This list is a small preview of a much bigger list; download the beta to discover the rest of the changes!

Since this is a public beta, we have set up a Bug and Feature Request tracker on http://whatpulse.org/tracker/ - Currently, the accounts on this tracker are separate from the main WhatPulse accounts, but this will be integrated down the road. So feel free to sign up an account and report anything you notice! To just view the reports that are already in there, you can also login with username 'guest' and your email address.

The website has been adjusted to fit the new features of WhatPulse 1.5, so please report anything that looks off on the website as well!

Be sure to pulse and uninstall the old WhatPulse client if you decide to give 1.5 a go. Remember to create a profile through your control center if you are an existing user!