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October 2005

WhatPulse Premium Services and a 1.5 update!

WhatPulse launches a set of new services; Premium Services!

The normal services of WhatPulse, the development of it's programs, the hosting of the server are being offered to the users for free. This will always remain free.

However. To cover the costs of the server, WhatPulse now offers some extra services for a small amount. For only $2 USD a month you can sign up for these extra services.

These services currently consist of:

- No Google ads
- A maximum of 3 email forwards (you@users.whatpulse.org)
- 2MB for uploading pictures to be used in your profile, or your team's profile
- Detailed graphs of your statistics

More features will be added with the input of our members, so it will be ever changing!

If you're interested, you can sign up through the WhatPulse Control center. (http://my.whatpulse.org)

Thanks for your support!

Update on WhatPulse 1.5 for Windows.

There have been alot new features implanted into the 1.5 client already, but mostly improvements.

The server communication has been recoded completely to interact with a custom communication server
designed for WhatPulse. This, for one, makes communication alot faster and safer.

A new save file format, which removes the necessity of registry access, which leads to a more stable save file.

And alot more!

There is no official release date for 1.5, we're trying to make it as best as we can before releasing it. Soon.