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September 2004

WhatPulse 1.4

After rain comes sun...at least, it does here. But before I give you a complete meteorological report..let's sum up a few of the new features WhatPulse 1.4 brings.

The most important fix in 1.4 is that it no longer freaks out when using applications such as remote desktop. This has been done with removing DirectX from the main core, so WhatPulse 1.4 is no longer dependant on DirectX aswell.

Other features:

- Geek window remembers its position when it's closed and reopenend.
- Pulse timers are redone, you can now specify the ammount of hours you want to pulse (default to manual pulsing)
- Added pulse per xx clicks. Guess what this does.
- Display UserID in account dialog.

Please update to this new version, you will not be able to use WhatPulse 1.3 in exactly one month (untill 2004-10-10), so this gives you enough time to update.

To install, please pulse, exit WhatPulse, then delete C:\Program Files\WhatPulse (or somewhere else you specified), and then run the installer for 1.4. People tend to forget this.

If you're using the keyfrequency function, please delete the keyfreq.bin file aswell.