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September 2004

Server outage

Well, the last 3 days has been quite a ride. On friday night our last server got shut down by our sponsor without word, so we could not get a fresh database backup. First thing we had to do, is find a new host, fast. Yesterday we finally found a good one, interweb.us.

We have just gotten everything, including pulsing to work. So everything should be OK.

As far as the database goes, due to the server move, we only had a backup of 23 August, so unfortunatly everything what happened between 23 August and now, is lost. If you joined or created a team between this date, please do so again. If you signed up in those days, please do so again.

About the pulse history; We were thinking about it for a long time, there was a poll in the forums for a long time. And due to this move, we decided to rearrenge it a little bit. Yes, the pulse history is gone, and from now on, it will only show you a month's old pulses. This is to minimize our database, so we can get the best speed out of it, plus it's easier to backup it when it's smaller, so that will be done every day from now on.

Any questions can go to the forums, or here.

NOTE: If you have any problems pulsing still, restart your client, it needs to update it's DNS.